2-6 Betting System

2-6 Betting System

The Program

The brilliant beauty of The 2-6 Straight Bet System is that you can win just 2 of any 6 bets (for a winning percentage of .333) in a Series and still attain a profit. Additionally, your wagers, or “Series Amounts,” are predetermined, so there’s no guesswork regarding how much to lay on a particular game.

In The 2-6 Straight Bet System, you are going to make a Series of up to 6 bets, in the pre- calculated amounts of $11, $22, $44, $66, $88 and $132.

You will bet 1 or 2 games at a time in the Series, moving up to the next Series Amount after each bet. When you achieve your goal of just 2 total wins, you roll your profits back into your Personal Betting Bankroll and start over at the beginning if you’d like.

For example, to begin, make 1 wager in the Series Amount of $11, or 2 wagers, 1 in the Series Amount of $11 and the other in the Series Amount of $22. If you win both bets, your goal is attained and you add your profits to your Bankroll. If you win just 1 wager of the 2, however, you can bet only 1 game at a time thereafter, since you are seeking just 2 total wins anywhere in the Series of up to 6 wagers.
Say, for instance, you win your first wager for $11, then lose bets in the subsequent Series Amounts of $22, $44, $66 and $88. Then you win your final wager in the Series, for $132, reaching your goal of only 2 total wins in 6 wagers. At that time, you can go back to the first number in the Series and start over with another Series of up to 6 bets.

The Goal
The simple objective is to win any 2 bets in a Series of no more than 6 wagers.

The Series 11-22-44-66-88-132.
(Again, Series are pre-calculated so that you can profit by winning the minimum set numbers of wagers in a particular System, in this case, 2.

They also protect your Bankroll 5 by representing about 25% of your total available money, so if you happen to go on a losing streak and lose your entire Series, you are down just 1 Betting Block, and still have 75% of your Bankroll with which to wager.)

The Formula

For those who find the Series Amounts in the Series 11-22-44-66-88-132 too rich or poor for your blood, there is no reason you can’t raise or lower the amounts according to your betting objectives.

The formula for setting the 6 Series Amounts in The 2-6 Straight Bet System is
a, 2a, 4a, 6a, 8a, 12a.

In the Series above, a = 11 or $11. If you find this too conservative, try a larger multiple of 11 for the value of a, say 22. If you pick 22 for the starting bet, your Series would be calculated 22, 44, 22 x 4 = 88, 22 x 6 = 132, 22 x 8 = 176 and 22 x 12 = 264, or

On the other hand, if the prospect of having to risk $132 to make $120 should you go 1-4 or 0-5 in your first 5 bets makes you nervous, you can start with a $5.50 bet, or a Series of $5.50-11-22-33-44-66, which will limit the downside in the event you pick less than 50% winners or go on occasional losing streaks. For our purposes here, however, we will stick with the original betting Series for examples.
Note that when setting your own Series Amounts, if you add up each of the 6 numbers in the Series, they should total about the same dollar figure of each of your 4 Betting Blocks, give or take 10%. This is what prevents you from losing more than 25% of your Bankroll during any given losing streak.

The Rules

1) Make only 1 or 2 bets at a time in the predetermined amounts until you have won at least 1 bet.

2) Once you have won 1 bet, bet only 1 game at a time in the predetermined Series Amounts, until you win a second wager.

3) When you win 2 bets in any Series of up to 6 wagers, your goal is achieved, so you roll your profits back into your Personal Betting Bankroll and either start over with a new Series to build your Bankroll, or begin a Series in another of my 12 Money-Management Programs.

4) If you suffer an unfortunate losing streak of 1-5 or 0-6, start over with a new Series and begin recouping your recent losses.


1) The 2-6 Straight Bet System turns a profit when you bet against the spread with traditional 11-10 odds (like on football and basketball), but it can show even more profit when used with “even-money” or better bets such as moneyline wagers (or which team will win “straight up” or outright, not against the spread) on underdogs.

2) If you are betting against the moneyline and/or with odds worse than 11-10, make sure you wager enough to win the payouts associated with your Series Amounts. In other words, if you are betting on the Yankees -150, instead of wagering $11 to win $10, you must wager $15 to win $10.

3) Related to Tip #2, for any wager with odds worse than 11-10 that you lose, you must add the additional losses, in this case $4 ($15 – $11 = $4), to the payout of what would be your normal Series Amount, in this case making your next Series Amount $26 ($20 + $4
= $24 payout so the next Series Amount at 11-10 odds would be $26 to win $24), so that a win can not only recoup your losses but post a profit.

4) Don’t forget to also add any money paid to a professional handicapper for his picks to your Series Amounts in the same way you add losses at worse than 11-10 odds (as explained in Tip #4). Keep in mind that if you pay $25 for 5 picks, you must add only $5 to each Series Amount, assuming you run 5 Series that day. In other words, divide the handicapper’s fee among the total number of picks you play that day.

5) If your Bankroll allows it, try running 2 or more Series at once, which can boost your monthly profits to $500 or more on this System alone.

6) Don’t forget to keep strict track of your 2-6 Straight Bet System.

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